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3D-Printed, Bioinspired Blood Vessels for Treatment of Ischemic Diseases


A team of engineers from Pohang University of Science and Technology has successfully developed so-called “bio-blood-vessels” using material extracted from the human body as a template for 3D printing.

The team found that its printed blood vessels exhibited no problems in performing their desired function when implanted.

The vessels were also able to act as drug carriers that would release the drug into its inserted surroundings and increase the likelihood of a successful implant.

The efficacy of the blood vessels was tested by implanting them into the hind legs of mice. Compared to the control group that did not receive the implants, the mice that did were found to be seven times more likely to see reduced chances of necrosis.

The experiment was outlined in greater detail in the publication “Advanced Functional Material”.


Professor Jang Jin Ah said, “It is possible to generate desired blood vessels using 3D printing technology. In the future, I believe different types of implants such as the creation of arteries by layering walls of blood vessels will be possible.”

The research was funded by the Korea Health Industry Development Institute, the Institute for Information and Communication Technology Promotion and the National Research Foundation of Korea.

Article: South Korean Researchers Develop “Bio-Blood-Vessels” Using 3D Printer
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